Using a Doctor’s Excuse

Germs and viruses that invade your body can be more than just a nuisance when they progress past a mild case. Sometimes, illnesses can stop you in your tracks, disrupting your work, social and personal schedules. In the instances of more invasive sicknesses, it is necessary to visit the doctor’s office to get treatment for whatever is attacking your immune system. When this happens, you may find a need for a doctor’s excuse to explain your absence from a commitment.

Reasons You Might Need a Doctor’s Note

There can be several reasons you might need to ask for a doctor to excuse you from an activity, with the two most obvious possibilities of work and school.

· On the Job: Many work environments require doctor’s notes to be recorded in your file. Whatever illness you face, it is a wise and professional choice to ensure you have a note from your doctor, excusing time you have missed from your regular schedule.

· At School: Most scholastic settings want to ensure that the students are all protected from sicknesses that are easily transmitted from person to person. For that reason, schools may require you to bring a note from your doctor giving the all clear for you to attend classes.

What a Doctor’s Excuse Should Say

Each excuse you receive from a doctor should cover the basics, giving the proper information for the people who need to know. Obviously, it needs to be on the letterhead of the physician’s office or on an official stationery of some kind, identifying the authority of the doctor. It should be both dated and signed, as well as legible. And, of course, it should state what your diagnosis is and how many days you are excused from the activity at hand. You can get your doctor’s excuse here.

Occasionally an illness or injury may require a shift in your duties and abilities. For example, if you pull a muscle and are unable to lift heavy items, your doctor’s note may point out that you are on light duty. Again, this is simply done to communicate the plan for your recovery and should be followed by whomever you share it with.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Some people may feel shy about asking for a doctor’s note – but don’t worry, it will only take the doctor a moment to fill one out. This sets you up as a responsible member of your community (at your job or school) and shows those in charge that you are making your best effort to receive proper treatment.

If for some reason you aren’t as comfortable asking the doctor, mention it to the nurse or assistant and they will be sure to convey your need to the physician.

No Faking It

One piece of advice – and this is truly important. Never fake a doctor’s note!

If you forget to ask while at the doctor’s office or for any other reason you don’t have a note to give your boss or educator, the worst thing you can do is make a fake excuse. While they can be easy enough to forge, they are just as easy to receive legitimately. So hang on to your integrity and get the real thing.